On the contrary, it is to appease those who have been resurrected and make them think. For example, will they doubt that they can be copied once, and will they be copied thousands of times to make adult tools or something?
The difficulty of resurrection must be raised, even if it is not difficult, it must be difficult.
Shi Qing firmly said, "Give me this. The stone clan has a deep family background and whatever you want."
"Well, then I’m welcome."
Su Wei remembered Snow Chihiro’s narrow eyes to him before he left.
What a coincidence …
Su Wei has just made a level 6 commitment here, and she has come to a level 3 or 2 danger, and almost all of them have great relations with her.
Don’t worry about death. Wan Jian’s return to the motherland is the most lethal. Her DPS is probably even better than Medusa …
It can be said that Medusa is not used to this deadly fighting method.
But in any case, the assist has been given
Commitment also needs to be considered …
Damn it, he just updated the new clan. Isn’t that too frequent? And quarrelling players are estimated to be really crazy.
But this is not a headache for the eyes.
Su Wei said, "The second thing is that you must keep a secret. The so-called resurrection is actually" Limit "OL. In memory of these lost heroes, they have been specially made into NPC so that they can live in the world of" Limit "OL forever as a memory, and once you reveal the secret, I will immediately erase them."
The wind Xiao Xiao hey hey smiled. "Isn’t this representing that these melons have a handle in my hand for a generation? Aha, hahaha … After that, someone helped me run errands, someone helped me to eat, and someone treated me. Oh, hahaha, otherwise I would let the cat out of the bag and they would have to be erased. "
Shen slapped his eyes red at the back of his head, saying, "Once this matter is light and heavy, I’m afraid there will be great trouble. Sue, the head of the company can rest assured that if you don’t trust us, we can even cut off our tongue certificate."
Feng Xiao Xiao said, "You can still write with your hands."
"Shut up and let your ya hang out with the amitabha less. Why do you owe your mouth so much now? !”
The wind Xiao Xiao was caught in the crowd.
Everyone watched Su Weisheng afraid of what harsh words he would say.
"Don’t worry, it’s not as serious as you think. I’m afraid I can’t hide it for too long. I don’t want to make the world know it. You know, they can be resurrected because of special circumstances …"
Su Wei paused.
Heart way and so on … Resurrection …
Anyway, if someone finds out later, he’ll be finished by then, but can’t this sell?
Won’t the players come then?
And if there are those rich old guys who want to be resurrected in the game, they can actually let them exchange their land for him to come to Zongmen or something else.
Isn’t this a complete industrial chain?
So want to Su Wei suddenly feel even if the leak is not so terrible …
After all, someone else wants something from him, and I’m afraid he won’t dare to be rough.
What does Shi Qing think of?
Look at Sue’s only eye deeply.
Heart is resurrected in the game, and then the body is manifested in reality through regenerative medicine, so that the body consciousness can be merged. Isn’t this a complete resurrection?
Although it is not immortal, it completely eliminates the possibility of violent death.
Even if there are great problems, at least it is no problem to resurrect in the game.
Such a thought …
He couldn’t help feeling excited.
Heart, it seems that I have to buy more real estate and land in the game. In case I die in reality in the future, I can still settle down in Chang ‘an.
Chapter 36 Didn’t you find such a big bug?
It turns out that Su Wei is worried that the dead will think too much after they are resurrected.
Knowing that their colleagues can be resurrected, these soldiers didn’t think much, but they were all very happy with their dead colleagues.
Very funny, I went to Su Wei to ask him if they could be resurrected in the game after they died.
What if the law returns to the real world?
Don’t they hate being in the game 24 hours a day now? Just got my wish.
And it’s lucky to be able to keep a permanent consciousness after death and be accompanied by family.
Su Wei directly denied their inquiries and repeatedly said that the resurrection needed a great price … and they could not afford it.
So the former soldiers still regretted the tragic death of their colleagues, but now there is only envy and jealousy.
Soon the list has been counted and a thick pile of lists has been handed over to Su Wei.
Shen Zhong said seriously, "Thank you for your kindness, Sue. After that, our life is for you. Don’t worry, we will immediately report to the military when we get back …"
"No, I’m not. You repay me. If you really do this, Lao Huang will blame me for digging his corner."
Su Wei turned down their refuge with a smile.
He wants to be transparent in his heart
If these people really resign and go to him, then he will be responsible for everything, such as food, clothing, housing, food and clothing.