Changyou was so excited that he almost didn’t thank the waves repeatedly.
The waves smiled and sent Changyou out of the door and said, "Go!"
Watching Changyou Beiying disappear, the horse’s eyes became cold and abnormal. He calmly walked the door from the office to the windowsill and looked down at the small video store across the street. He took out his mobile phone and called Xiao. "Small action!"
Xiaoyinma became wary. "What action, Brother Hai?"
The waves first briefly told Xiao that Changyou had discovered Xiao and Xiao Lun’s secret, and then said coldly, "I’ve tricked Changyou to the seaside, so you can go there now."
The novel "I don’t know this long friend"
The waves said, "When you get to the place first, I will talk to you and ask him to find you. Then he will give you half a hundred-dollar bill. Remember to kill Changyou quickly and don’t leave any clues …"
"Pa" a cup fell to smash the sound.
The waves quickly turned around and saw Zhang Cheng O-shaped Lina with a frightened mouth looking at him in panic.
"What sound?" The other end of the small talk heard something.
"It’s okay! You go to speed! Keep in touch! " When the waves were cold, the smart phone quietly watched Lina slowly walk into the office from the windowsill.
"No, don’t kill me … Haige, I didn’t hear anything …" Lina retreated in horror and fell to the ground with a thick carpet. She curled up in a ball with tiredness and begged the waves. Her eyes were full of frightened tears.
The waves crouched down and looked at Lina quietly. There was no trace of murder in her eyes and a gentle smile.
Lena is even more afraid. When she sees the biggest villains in foreign movies, the more cruel they are when they kill, the more gentle and amiable they laugh before they kill.
The waves slowly reached out and Lena shrank back in fear and said, "No, Brother Hai, don’t kill me …"
The waves gently stroked Lena’s hair and smiled and said, "Who said I was going to kill you?"
Lena said, "You heard you … no, I didn’t hear you … I … I …"
The waves laughed. "You heard me. Shall we talk about it?"
Lena wants to talk to her when she hears the waves. She won’t kill her yet. She nodded a little in shock.
The waves smiled and suddenly stretched out their hands. Lina was scared and called to pick up Lina and walked across to the bedroom.
Lena saw that the waves didn’t kill her, but just hugged her and didn’t scream again. The gentle waves walked step by step to the bedroom.
The waves hold Lena in a gentle posture, and Lena instantly has an illusion that the waves are holding her to the bed to make out instead of killing her. When this illusion occurs, Hou Lina suddenly has a strange idea that if she can be killed by him so gently, she will die, and her arms will die willingly!
Of course, this romantic feeling is just a flash, and then Lena still feels scared
Lena came to send tea to the waves, but she didn’t expect to hear the secret of the waves. Although she didn’t know the secret of the waves department, she clearly heard that the waves told a person to kill Changyou because Changyou discovered their secret. She knew Changyou was a blue star bodyguard. If she wanted to assassinate Changyou, the waves would definitely have a hard time with Lanting. She didn’t know who the waves were, but she knew that the waves and Lanting were not on the same boat. Now she knows this secret, the waves will definitely kill her!
Thousands of thoughts have passed through her mind, and every thought is a wave, such as killing her. She has almost thought of all kinds of killing methods in foreign films.
The waves walked into the bedroom, hooked the bedroom door with Lina, walked to the bed and gently put Lina on the bed. Then he took a step back and hooked his toes to a chair. He sat in the chair and quietly looked at Lina without speaking.
Lena looked at the waves, too. Her eyes were full of fear and tears. She was still young. She still cherished her life. She didn’t want to die. She still had youth to squander. She still had life to enjoy! She stared at the waves, looked at the man she loved, looked at the man who had this bed with her last night, and now it is this man who wants to kill her and destroy it, and he kissed it not long ago!
Chapter three hundred and forty-six Send you away
The waves suddenly smiled, and his smile was gentle, but Lena felt a kind of horror.
The waves said, "How long have you been away from home?"
Lena didn’t know why the waves asked, but she still answered "two years" honestly.