Instead of asking for help from the old people, those three people are all sophisticated people. What are they thinking in their hearts and who are they supporting may be the most clear thing in their hearts, but other people don’t know.
It is better to guess what the three of them are thinking every day than to look directly at their competitors’ heads. If their competitors suddenly evaporate, wouldn’t this bing secretariat position just fall on their heads?
Although it was a democratic election, it evolved into a battle between the major county chiefs. The whole county town is no longer full of undercurrents, but the swords and guns are really dry. At this time, the advantages of those guards brought by these county chiefs have also been fully highlighted. These things have happened in this county town, which has seriously affected the public security in this county town, but the local county magistrate and others who have affected people are afraid to turn a blind eye.
However, if we say who is the most embarrassed among these chiefs, it is Cao Xing. On this day, Cao Xing was walking in the street, but he was attacked by a group of ragged people.
As soon as I rushed out, dozens of hooligans and gangsters rushed out, but these people were holding blades in the middle and killing Cao Xing desperately.
Although Cao Xing has seen blood in the battlefield, but then again, fists are hard to beat, and no matter how high the kung fu is, he is afraid of kitchen knives. In the face of such a situation, Cao’s performance quickly returned to the posthouse. Thanks to Hu Cheer and Zhou Cang’s hard work, Cao Xing finally succeeded in returning to the posthouse.
However, it never rains but it pours. On the one hand, Cao Xing was seriously hunted down, but on the other hand, Jia Xu, the counselor he brought this time, suddenly became ill at this time.
Cao Xing quickly asked Zhou Cang to call a doctor to diagnose it. As a result, Jia Xu’s illness said that it was a kind of cold, but if he didn’t take good care of it, the disease would drag on and endanger his life.
Cao Xing’s eyes became dignified when he heard this. The Three Kingdoms period was a period when medical skills were underdeveloped. Now the imperial doctor Zhang Ji is not around Cao County, saying that a little cold may really kill Jia Xu
Cao thought for a moment and then nodded to the doctor, and the doctor understood Cao’s meaning. He immediately grabbed a handful of herbs from his medicine bag, and then Jia Xu kept dispensing medicine to temporarily stabilize Jia Xu’s condition.
Jia Xu’s illness should be treated like Cao Xing. He had a certain idea in his heart. He couldn’t help but look at the doctor’s rectification technique. Looking at Cao Xing, he felt a little uncomfortable smelling his nose. At that moment, he seemed to see something novel.
"The doctor dares to ask this is sulfur!" Cao asked in the previous step
And the doctor nodded his head after hearing the smell. Sulfur tastes very strong, and Cao Xing smelled it as soon as he heard it.
Cao Xing seems puzzled. Does the doctor bring a bottle of sulfur to save lives? The doctor explained that sulfur is also very important in medical treatment at present, for example, treating hemorrhoids, acupuncture and other departments need sulfur, and it seems normal for contemporary doctors to carry it with them.
Listen, the doctor explained Cao Xing and looked at Jia Xu who was lying in the hospital bed. Although Jia Xu was pale at the moment, he still nodded to Cao Xing, so Cao Xing was put on guard.
It wasn’t long before the doctor handed over his medicine to Cao Xing, but he still told Cao Xing that the cold energy medicine obtained by Jia Xu was mainly for his own rest. Jia Xu shouldn’t work too hard when he received it. Cao Xing took a handful of silver and put it in the doctor’s hand, then expressed his gratitude to the doctor and sent him away from the post.
But after you come back, Cao Xing first asked Jia Xu to take the medicine and then immediately waved to Hu Cheer to prepare a good soldier and a carriage at once. He had to send Jia Xu back to Bianyun County.
After all, the experience of the past few days still makes Cao Xing vividly remember that there are dozens of knives to cut you, and Jia Xu is a scribe who can withstand such twists and turns. In Bianyun County, there is a happy doctor Zhang Ji who believes that Jia Xu’s condition will improve soon, so it is most necessary to send Jia Xu back.
However, escorting Jia Xu back is somewhat exaggerated. Cao not only made him escort Hu Cheer personally, but also took away most of his troops.
Jia Xu also knows what’s going on outside. Now Cao Xing is short of manpower to protect him. Let Cao Xing not move so much manpower and material resources. However, Cao Xing firmly shook his head. It is estimated that Jia Xu was born with this disease because of his butterfly effect. Cao Xing doesn’t want to cause any more problems.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-three It never rains but it pours (2)
In this small county town, there are dangers everywhere at the moment. It is obvious that the scene a few days ago was to make public deliberately posing and making public. This time, it was a clever thing. He knew that Cao Xing belonged to that kind of thing, even if he was in an official position, he would not listen to the announcement. He wanted Cao Xing to send troops to talk about it.
It’s better to be serious when grinding with Cao Xing here, and kill Cao Xing here on the spot. Then I believe that Cao Xing’s forces will surely become a piece of sand.
According to Jia Xu, Jia Xu resolutely refused Cao Xing to find someone to escort him in this line. However, Cao Xing firmly shook his head. He didn’t want to lose a top think tank because of his butterfly effect, especially because of a great counselor like Jia Xu.
Finally, Jia Xu didn’t twist Cao Xing. In Hu Cheer, the Qing soldiers escorted him and watched Jia Xu slowly walk out.
Although it’s no use crying over spilt milk, Jia Xu can’t change Cao’s thoughts, but he said to Cao before he left.
"Master, to put it bluntly, there is an undercurrent in this so-called election meeting. Please remember what I said to you before so that there will be hope!"
Cao Xing nodded heavily after hearing this, and then the watcher Jia Xu was completely out of here.
Although Jia Xu may be safe now, there are some bad reasons for Cao Xing’s situation now. He is becoming more and more obvious because of publicity. He doesn’t want to talk to Cao Xing so much. He wants to kill Cao Xing quickly, and his courage is getting bigger and bigger.
If there is a place where Cao Cao haunts, he doesn’t care whether it is directly attacking Cao Cao in broad daylight. However, Cao Cao has very few people at the moment because of escorting Jia Xu. Every time he encounters a large-scale chase, Cao Cao can’t keep going left and right.
It can even be said that it was in Zhou Cang that Cao Xing was desperately protected to save his life. However, Zhou Cang paid a painful price for it and was beaten black and blue.
Now, if Cao Cao wants to live, it may be the best way to stay in the posthouse. But since Cao Cao wants to win the position of state shepherd, how can he wait for a long time in the posthouse and not go out?
Although this may not be a good signal for Cao Xing, it is a good thing for Zhang Yang. Anyway, it is good for Zhang Yang if it is bad for Cao Xing.
At the moment, according to the report of Zhuan Gu and others, Cao Xing, that guy is already staying in the posthouse and even has no courage to come out.
Zhuan Gu Yang Chou and others walked over and said to Zhang Yang, "Master Cao Xing, that guy doesn’t know the general idea, and he really took this election seriously. We simply ignored him. Look at how embarrassed he is now. Even the posthouse is afraid of being born, afraid of being killed. It seems that the position of state animal husbandry is due to emotion and reason!"
"Ha, ha, ha, just like Cao Xing, what qualifications do you have to live in a state grazing? If I remember correctly, the people’s old election and state grazing day are almost the same. Although those three old guys are glib, they have also received a lot of benefits from us. I believe that in the final election, they should not mess around and will eventually give the state grazing position to the master instead of a few other people. You can be described as a great victory this time!"
Listening to his two hands reporting publicity is also very happy, but publicity always keeps a point of vigilance in his heart, because he is still thinking about his previous conclusion.