Ye Xiaoxiao snorted.
"I’ve heard this several times."
The confrontation between the two sides began.
Shi Wei took the lead. She quickly waved her arms and rushed to Ye Xiaoxiao with several dark gray lines.
Suddenly a brick appeared in the back of her head.
"I expected it"
Shi Hong evil spirit smiled, and gray matter suddenly appeared on the periphery of the body.
They meet the plank brick and instantly wrap around it, and then stick out their hands along the blue aperture and go straight for it!
Ye Xiaoxiao eyebrows slightly wrinkled hurriedly withdrew his hand and then flashed the gray lines from the attack.
And that plank brick rumbled when it fell to the ground under the heavy erosion of gray matter.
"What is this?"
Ye Xiaoxiao raised her hand in disbelief and found that there was still a little gray matter sticking to her hand when she closed the door of dream.
This substance looks nothing else.
But it is extremely important!
"Dare to be distracted in battle?"
Shi Hong suddenly laughed and formed a huge gray whirlpool in front of her.
"Come here, you!"
As soon as she drank a lot, several tiny silk threads emerged from the gray vortex, just like the hair of a wild animal.
The same is true of the gray matter in Ye Xiaoxiao’s hands.
Then a strong attraction came into being.
Her body can’t stop flying towards Shi Wei.
No, I plunged into that whirlpool
Ye Xiaoxiao frowned and hurriedly opened the door of dream virtual world and flicker to the distance.
But the attraction that just came out followed like a skeleton.
Ye Xiaoxiao calls out the blue aperture of the little monkey, and the two figures change back and forth in the middle.
But no matt what, I can’t escape that powerful force of the gray vortex.
"Well, the life star seems to be mysterious," said Gao Tai Shi hero touching Ba.
"Monkey girl is in trouble this time."
As he spoke, he looked at Ye Feng intentionally.
"Stone master, you are still more concerned about Pingyang people."
Jianxingquan low road
"Ha ha!"
Shi Haojie laughed. "My son’s stone-heavy beast soul is the mountain giant’s most afraid of being mysterious."
His face is full of pride.
Shi Zhong, a fourth-order and five-fold animal spirit warrior, is the most popular candidate to win the championship.
Jianxingquan cold hum a didn’t speak.
But his heart is still a little worried. Now the scene is very bad for Ye Xiaoxiao.
Of course, he is not worried about Ye Xiaoxiao’s defeat.
But worried that it would be a big deal if her defeat made the person next to her unhappy and even the rising tone.
He stole a look at the leaves in the wind.
And Ye still sat lazily with the wind and his face didn’t change at all.
Jian Xingquan turned his attention to the ring again with uneasy thoughts.
At this time, Ye Xiaoxiao’s monkey was also entangled in gray matter and fell heavily to the ground and could not move.
"Haha, monkey girl, your means are gone, so give up!"
Shi Hong. "
Ye Xiaoxiao looked at the fallen monkey and sighed gently.
Corners of the mouth is outlined with a smile.
"In that case, I’ll let you try something I’ve figured out recently."
"Uncle, you can watch yo"
She stopped making the virtual door look up at the distant platform in the same place.
And her body was attracted by the gray vortex and moved quickly, and finally disappeared into it.
"It’s broken!" Jianxingquan heart in a surprised.
"Monkey girl, no!" Ye Xiaoxiao’s supporters look frightened.
However, Ye Feng’s face showed a faint smile.
"I see."
"This Xiao Ni’s understanding of the imaginary world of dreams is really good."
The whole Pingyang big bucket field has been quiet at this time.
They are all waiting nervously for the final result of the battle.
What happened to that girl?
Suddenly, a mysterious breath rippled out from the gray whirlpool of the ring.
Then a huge white flower slowly emerged from the whirlpool.
It has six petals connected together in turn.
After blooming, the white petals were covered with grid-like black lines.