"Ha dare, in your opinion, we just wave you." Yang Yi sneered at Yao. Have you ever cared about us? Have you ever considered us? Have we been companions? A group of people who want to hold their thighs and help you experience the moon chess or sell tools set by your leaders. "
A turn to see Fang Zhizu several people in the crowd and suddenly said
"I know you must be the one who advanced in our group, but with my popularity, you won’t make it to the final. Anyway, the filming has been finished, and I will go home in the fifth round of elimination in a few days. Today, I will put it bluntly."
"Don’t you just want to know everything about the bidder, but are you the same as the bidder? Don’t say it. Just say that one hundred people chased the game. Only then did they know that their group spent hundreds of points on all kinds of eating, drinking and having fun on the spaceship without saying a word, and gave them all to the team members. You said it was the final victory that saved us points every hour, so let us transfer the points to you and let us quit the game directly."
"So at the end of the journey, there was no shot of us and you didn’t take it. After the final victory, everyone ate a box lunch and comforted you by saying that you wouldn’t forget it all."
Bai Tang, who should be pushed away from the elbow, asked: Was their group so miserable at that time? "
Bai Tang scratched his head blankly: "I don’t know. We haven’t been with Mr. Mai. Why don’t we send a message and ask?"
Should leave the booth:
Cui Cui looked at Yue Zhuo and Yun Xian with envy at the moment: "It’s very kind of you. From the beginning, you were in the same group as Fang Zhi, and you were also a tutor of Lin Ying Emperor. Now you belong to the Lin Ying Emperor Group and have the most people."
Bai Tangwen immediately came over and joined the topic, holding his head up proudly: "That’s Fang Ge who is awesome! "
This word floated to the ears of the players in Yan Yao’s group, and they all looked at Fang Zhi’s side and wanted to be a quiet and beautiful melon eater.
It’s another matter.
You know, throwing melon skin silently is as calm as nothing happened and turn around and leave.
Eating in the world is the biggest.
In Fang Zhi’s view, this is whether it is a big deal for children to fight and quarrel; And this is just like leaving Bai Tang. They didn’t have any interest in chewing people’s tongues behind their backs, so several people quickly put it behind them.
In the next few days, other groups were racing against time and the atmosphere was extremely tense, but they lived quite easily and comfortably.
On the day of the live broadcast of the program, the workers announced the order of playing the films one by one. The sooner the films were handed over to the program group, the later they were played.
Only then did they know that they were the first to hand it in, so they put it on the last broadcast.
At this moment, there is only half an hour left before the live broadcast begins, and the contestants are adjusting their mirror status and waiting for the official broadcast.
Also taking advantage of this, the newcomer presided over Xiaomei and made a backstage direct attack before the game, which was a little warm-up fad in the fifth knockout.
Xiao Mei, who had just interviewed other contestants, turned the camera around and didn’t see the barrage calling the highest figure, so she went to the corner and chatted with Tian Baitang and Ying Li.
[Bai Tang Bao! Today is also soft and super cute!
["Hard candy" is true! ]
[I should be handsome today and have my hair done specially! I can see something in him! ]
[Want to be a divorced wife]
Did they really admit it by their own brothers or did they just look alike]
[It must be that pro-Sugiyama University has also forwarded clips of Xiao Li’s program. Besides, these two people said together that they are not their own children and no one believes them!
In front of the camera, Xiao Mei greeted Bai Tang and Ying Li and asked them if they had confidence in the knockout.
"That’s great confidence, of course." We should get close to the camera and wink at the audience. "Although our group is in the last game, we still have to look forward to it!
[ahhh, I don’t want to be a sister-in-law, I want to be his wife! ! ! ]
[I’m just Hi Husband]
Chapter 94 sound
The seven members in the third appearance group are relatively average in strength, and the girl named Johnson Qiao finally got the direct promotion quota.
Finally, we know that their group has not been released yet.
Around the studio, it gradually darkened. When the typewriter struck, it clicked, and a line of neat and beautiful white characters appeared on the dark screen.
Player’s original drama
The screen lights up and the camera zooms in.
Most of the road students in senior universities get together in twos and threes. They talk, laugh and play while walking. Only one figure in it is particularly quiet, and the surrounding excitement is out of place.
The young man walked in the middle with a white bag on his back, and his face was calm and indifferent as if everything was his side.
Behind him, there were two classmates chasing and slapping and approaching the young man to avoid it, but they still failed to avoid it. They bumped into his shoulder when passing by.
The young man didn’t scream and shout, but raised his hand and frowned slightly at the position where he was hit.
One of them ran away, the other stopped and looked back at the young man with a little apology: "I’m sorry, I’m sorry, are you okay?"
The young man kept his shoulder covered and stared down at the toe of his shoe without saying a word.
What else did the man want to ask, but he was caught on the shoulder by a classmate who was gone and returned.
"Did you wait for him to tell you? Then don’t wait for him. He is a mute in our class. Leave him alone."
"Come on, let’s go! Junbao, they are still waiting at the stadium. "
With that, I was pushed forward by my classmates.
It was a long time before the young people lifted their eyes and looked forward.
As the former classmate said, Su Zhu was born dumb.
There is no other sound in this world.
Su Zhu raised his hand, dusted off his clothes, and threw his backpack behind him into the whole process. He didn’t make a sound, and the whole person was depressed.
Although he can’t speak and his family conditions are very bad, his academic performance is very good. At that time, he was specially admitted to the school because of his excellent grades, and he was able to get the only one in his major every year.
Scholarship places
"This year is also Su Zhu"
Su Zhugang walked to the front of the classroom and heard his name shaking, so he didn’t come yet, pushed the door open and walked in.
"This is not nonsense? Which year is not him?
"Speaking of which, do you know that statement?"
"What words"
"Over there at the Foreign Languages Institute"
"Ah, I know, I know, let alone our school. Even the school next door has heard about it." Cui Cui looked at herself and just got her nails done. Yesterday, her best friend told me. She asked if there was a woman in our school who didn’t hesitate to sell her body to several people one night. "
"Several people are really who?"
"I heard from my best friend that my best friend also heard that she said she didn’t know who it was."
"You know it’s easy to get crooked when you say this kind of thing. I haven’t heard of any preferential places in foreign languages recently. Could it be other majors?"
"It suddenly occurred to me that a few days ago, the counselor gave Su Zhu the exchange quota, saying that it was ranked according to the test scores, but in the end, it was also announced that everyone’s grades were directly said to be Su Zhu’s first.