When I got home, there was no light in the living room. Ye Cheng realized that she had run away from home before. When he came back, the home was so cold and cheerless.
Ye city’s face changed at the thought of this step, and even the shoes came in a few steps and stepped into the bedroom.
There is no lamp paint in the bedroom like the hall? Concession Ye Cheng Xin became more and more heavy.
"Are you back?"
He just turned around and went out. A gentle voice came behind him and stopped him.
Almost instantly in her mouth, he let out a slight sigh from his chest, turned around and walked step by step towards the origin.
Through the moonlight, he saw him sitting on the edge of the bed, watching him step by step with his eyes open.
Step Ye city crouched in front of her and she couldn’t help but raise her lips. "Why don’t you turn off the lights at home?"
Ji Zhao gave him a smile. "Well, I just slept for a while and just woke up when you came back."
The big hand couldn’t help but cover her cheek and lower the line and ask, "Have you eaten?"
Jizhao shook his head.
A chuckle overflowed from the man’s lips for a second, and the man was already up. "I didn’t eat it either. I’ll do it now."
His hand was just about to be pulled from her cheek. Ji Zhao reached out and covered his hand.
Step Ye Cheng hand a meal until the soft as a bone palm moved on the back of his hand. Ye Cheng chuckled and said, "What’s the matter?"
JiZhaoPing depending on the man sitting in front of her a face of complex "step Ye city …"
She actually wanted to ask him about Koch.
She didn’t have the courage to ask …
I wonder what she is afraid of.
"Ji Zhao?"
Step Ye City once again recalled Ji Zhao’s consciousness of going away. She looked at the man’s face and raised her smile. "Aren’t you going to cook for me?"
He leaned over to her, his thin lips almost pressed against her cheek and smiled happily. "What do you want to eat?"
Step Ye City suddenly came close to her. Jizhao breathed in a panic and lowered his eyes. "Whatever you eat is good."
"Anything is good to eat?" He looked at her with a chuckle and bowed his head with a shy expression. He bit her earlobe dumb and sexy. "Will you eat me?"
Jizhao is red, and his cheeks are getting more and more red.
Step Ye City, she will become angry from embarrassment again. I didn’t expect the little woman to suddenly lift apricot eyes and look at his hands and take the initiative to encircle his waist. Laugh, "You are old, hard and unpalatable, and you are afraid of breaking your teeth."
The man’s long and narrow phoenix eyes slightly narrowed his breath and enveloped him a little. "I am old and hard?" He has a dangerous and charming smile on his lips. "Then who do you think is more suitable for your taste?"
The man is like a forbearing beast who suddenly presses her on the bed. There is almost no hot breath on her cheek, and her heartbeat suddenly loses control.
Hands caressed his cheek actively. "I won’t make trouble with you." The soft voice complained with a little coquetry. "I’m hungry. What time is it?"
He smiled a little in his eyes. "Want to eat my cooking?"
I hate to admit it, but your cooking is really delicious.
Yan Yecheng raised his eyebrows. "Today, is the sun setting? How can you praise me? "
"When the sun sets, it sets in the west." Ji Zhao tilted his eyelids and corrected him. "I’m just seeking truth from facts."
Yan Yecheng chuckled, "Kiss me and I’ll go."
Section 154
Ji Zhao didn’t expect that he would make such a request. First, he didn’t hook the man’s neck and gently kiss him on the cheek after a stunned reaction. "Is that ok?"
"So perfunctory?" The man whispered that he had bowed his head and printed her lips for a second.
After a long kiss, Yan Yecheng loosened her lips and looked down at her. The bottom of her eyes was not only a shade darker.
I really want to hold her down and love her from beginning to end, but he still sat up with his body propped up because of her flat belly. "I’ll cook dinner."
"Good" she readily should see the man get out of bed and take the initiative to follow him. "I’ll give you a thug."
Yan Ye City looked back at her, and when she left, she didn’t say anything, holding her hand and looking at the kitchen.
When her fingers were clasped, her clean hands made his eyebrows frown. "Ji Zhao" He told her not to move and asked, "Where is the wedding ring?"
Wedding ring?