Chapter nine hundred and fifty Peak is to surpass
The dark war was praised by fans, and the box office and word of mouth went high. The mysterious force DreamWorks led a crushing gesture in suluo to sweep the Lunar New Year file. suluo didn’t go out to brag, and the film critics blew it first.
"China Police Bandit Shadow Peak"
"The pit owner is not satisfied with the title of the first person in music and then casually takes the title of the first person in film."
"China shadow has two kinds of pit main shadow and other shadows."
The enemy is very lonely, but fortunately, suluo also cares about the outside world, and it is always happier on the set of the Tao crew.
"Ow, it’s not this expression and look. It’s not this feeling. Change one for a poof demon. I don’t want to see the funny form."
In the dark war, you are so handsome in the shadow that you have no friends. suluo completely turned sister Sanmi into a super big anthomaniac. When you see suluo jumping and clapping your hands, you will see him in the shadow. If there is a smile in his eyes, there are lonely and melancholy eyes.
In the film, Yuxuan Leng is satisfying all the fantasies of men about the word encounter. Isn’t this what suluo tastes like for women?
"Wow, do you want me to take out a toy gun and force you to bury your head in my arms?"
Suluo said very nai, but the words sound just fell incarnate female Wolf three meters elder sister is full of little stars descended "don’t intimidate me.
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Volunteer to be faster than me "
"Ah, hey, won’t anyone wake her up? Is she married? Brother Andy, your wife is running away with me. Are you still teasing my apprentice?"
I can’t believe that no one can sanction you when suluo is talking loudly.
However, the horse came over there. Andy said, "You kidnap my wife and I’ll kidnap your precious apprentice."
"I rely on cosette cosette to remember this kind of call goldfish guy. When I see such a person beaten, I will call him bear face and beat him, and then I will run away quickly and report to the police."
"Ha ha"
"Ha ha ha ha"
During the filming break, we are laughing and teasing each other.
Huo Siyan is right. suluo looks really handsome in black leather, but there is nothing he can do when he is at rest. If suluo wants to continue filming for one day, the speed of light is almost always the same. The ng crew is stuck in this scene for three days, playing Chen Yongren suluo and playing psychologist Li Xiner Yuxuan Leng kissing.
The most uncomfortable thing is that Yuxuan Leng fell off the chain. It happened that the pot had to make suluo recite nothing.
"Elder sister, can you give me some professionalism? You are the winner."
"You also said that you deliberately screwed up and I stopped filming."
The face of the cold goddess is arrogant. You want to take advantage of me. suluo is a headache. Well, you can’t reason with the arrogant woman
What’s more aggrieved is that this kissing scene keeps ng things. When others see it, guess whether they will help men or women.
In the eyes of Xiao Dao and Yang Baobei, this is purely a show of love and an excuse to make a movie to come true.
"Xiao Luo, you are too chicken thief."
"Gee, kiss, it’s fun today."
"Why don’t you call it a day? You two go back and practice hard at night. You’ll lose all your faces in the DreamWorks film and television department."
"Ha ha ha ha ha"
"I depend on you guys who are as easy as talking to each other. You have nothing to do, right? Your Cantonese doesn’t taste right. Baby Yang, you also have nothing to do, right? The new movie in the animation department has to go through the ceiling and deal with it quickly."
Once again, ng suluo tried to lift the table.
A scene of more than ten seconds was shot for one night. Anyway, suluo was so close that his mouth was broken
The outside world’s evaluation of the dark war is the "peak of the two heroes’ drama". In fact, it really peaked in the past nine years, but the peak has always been surpassed. Even in the past, it was recognized that the road of "Dharma surpassing the peak" will definitely be surpassed one day, which suluo did not see before crossing it.
No matter how boastful others are, you should have a little B number in your heart. At this time, the dark war can have such a high evaluation. At this time, the screen shadow is still immersed in the old commercial entertainment mode, like the late 1990 s, interwoven with flying missiles, rolling and exploding cars, and exaggerating the fire. Fighting is still the standard of gangster movies.
It is inevitable that fans of catch me if you can-type films with warm and implicit theme like dark war have never seen anything new in China’s films.
The Taoist drama written by Siu Fai Mak and Zhuang Wenqiang was circulated in the hands of several film companies and producers in Hong Kong. Most people reacted that it was a gangster film. How come you didn’t even get a shot in the middle of reading it?
A story of a policeman and robber whose plot is so complicated and implicit that it is supported by dialogue and implication makes these people in the film circle puzzled for a while.
It was only when the film was shown on the screen that people suddenly realized that Maizhuang and Maizhuang intended to rewrite Xiangjiang Shadow with delicate style and omitted emotional and philosophical connotations instead of letting people watch the rough and straightforward language and physical collision for 20 years.