Pachirisu said that he had to take Xiaobai home to discuss with other Pachirisu before he could give him an answer, and then he would come to their camp to find him.
Qiu Yuan has no problem with this. It is naturally best for the Pachirisu family to come. After all, Pachirisu also wants to receive a Poké mon.
If they don’t want to leave Taiyuan Mountain, Xiaobai can be separated from his family.
Pachirisu, with a small white fluffy tail, deftly jumped a few times on the stone and disappeared into the sight of Qiu Yuan.
But now the question is, where did the round shark go?
Qiuyuan looked at Xanadu Xanadu and shook his head puzzled.
Chapter 311 Aerodactyl Chaojin fossils
"Kaka Kaka-"
Just as Qiuyuan was going to look for the land shark, it came out of a small hole next to it, shouting with excitement and clutching two bright gems.
Qiuyuan gave it a gentle kick.
"Don’t run around, okay?"
"Hey, hey!"
The round-land shark handlessly held up the two precious stones, with its big head held high and its eyes shining, pointing to the cave over there, hoping that Qiuyuan would go in and have a look.
A cave about 60 centimeters high, Qiuyuan can crawl in if he wants to.
It’s better not to buy a few gems.
He took the land shark and looked at it carefully, holding two precious stones. He also temporarily took some tools for testing.
Taiyuan Mountain is rich in minerals and produces a lot of precious stones, but it has been developed almost a few years ago. If you want to get minerals and precious stones, you can go deep into Taiyuan Mountain, but it is guarded by a very powerful Poké mon.
Every year, many people steal that valuable stone and go to the depths of Taiyuan Mountain to mine ore and fruit, but they never come back.
Qiuyuan still didn’t have the guts to run inside. Just when he arrived at Taiyuan Mountain, he saw the prospective king Tanabata Jade Bird. Who knows if there will be a champion Poké mon in the depths of Taiyuan Mountain?
It is just right to test these two gems found by the land shark. If we can detect the information, we can determine the degree of mineral treasure in this cave.
Although it is not certain whether it has been mined by others, Qiuyuan can be mined nearby if it is of high value.
He has no need for precious stones, but it is best if he can dig into fossils or super-fossils.
The super-advanced fossil body has divine power, which can greatly arouse the resonance of elements, so that Poké mon can gather a large number of high-quality elements to complete super-evolution.
Qiu Yuan has seen Xerneas and is very familiar with his body and breath, not to mention that he has a demon source.
The birth of ultra-advanced fossils is inseparable from Xerneas. If you want to find ultra-advanced fossils, just make sure that there is a concentration of divine breath around here.
The land shark looked at Qiuyuan sitting on the spot and conjured up a bunch of strange things from nowhere. Suddenly, it felt good to talk and plunged into the cave just now.
Qiuyuan is not very skilled in gem analysis, and it takes a little more time.
However, with the help of vitality perception, the gem analysis results were finally got out at noon in the hot sun.
If these two gems didn’t undergo strange transfer, there should be many high-quality big gems near where Qiuyuan is now.
However, most of them are purely ornamental gems, and the terrain here is complicated. There are many dangerous positions. Once the stone pillars are mined, they will inevitably lead to high-frequency and small-scale landslides.
Qiuyuan scratched his head and had some difficulties in choosing.
It’s not the point that there are many gems, and it’s not the point that there are many gems.
The point is, I found the breath of divine power in the Gem Department …
Super-advanced fossils!
Super-advanced fossils are available in the market, although the price is expensive, they are rarely available.
However, there are many super-evolved fossils of Poké mon, and there is no channel to buy them at all. All of them have low combat effectiveness and will not reach super-evolved Poké mon.
Qiuyuan took out Long Chao’s fossil and gave it to Xanadu to help her feel the divine power of a super-fossil, and then assisted him to explore the position of the super-fossil together.
It was at this time that the round shark disappeared again.
"Continental shark! Land shark! Where did you go? "
"Shanai Shanai" Shanaiduo pointed to the small cave.
Qiuyuan leaned forward and took out his hand tube to illuminate the cave, but he didn’t find the figure of the land shark.
Although the cave is small, it seems to be quite deep
Qiu Yuan shouted to the cave again, "Round land shark-"
"Kaka! ! Kaka, Kaka! ! !”
Suddenly came the land shark Qiuyuan, who was about to continue to call it out, but there was a rumble and even the ground trembled.
Qiuyuan was frightened to disgrace. When he looked up, two stone pillars were crumbling and immediately dodged.
As soon as I got away from the two stone pillars, I smashed them in tandem at the mouth of the cave and nailed them into the ground, blocking the cave.
It’s not over yet. Qiuyuan is anxiously worried about the safety of the land shark, but suddenly the hill next to it collapses to the rolling stones. Xanadu can also fly Qiuyuan in the sky to prevent him from being hurt.
After the movement calmed down, Qiuyuan quickly searched for the trail of the land shark and found the land shark that was stunned at any time.
Fortunately, its head was smashed and fainted. Actually, nothing happened. Qiu Yuan was scared to death just now.
Pick up the land shark. Qiu Yuan suddenly found that the land shark was still holding a faint leading hamster.
What’s the situation?