When Ryan said these words, he kept looking at Qin Jing’s face. Unfortunately, the latter’s eyes were still clear. He seemed to sigh briefly. "Is it unshakable to guess what’s on your mind? A strong man like you really needs to be completely destroyed."
He didn’t notice the sickle of death … Did he say that the weapon was in his power?
Qin Jing gradually extended his hand into his arms. In this case, he really had no other means …
"It seems that you have made up your mind, so have I, but what exactly is your hand for?" Ryan looked at Qin Jing and suddenly said something puzzling.
Qin Jing slightly one leng accompanied by Ryan Qin Jing wrist to cool feeling he bowed his head to the original bag hand unexpectedly I don’t know when his wrist was broken and his other hand holding a high grain vibration Bi stained with blood …
At this time, the pain of broken wrist reached every cell of Qin Jing’s body.
What ….. Yao …
"Puppet art"
The body can’t move … Sweat flowed from Qin Jing’s face, and the severe pain made him tremble. The blood left by his wrist was burned by the golden flame and turned into fly ash before it fell to the ground.
When did it happen … Qin Jing kept flashing in his mind when he met Ryan. When was the scene controlled by him? After fighting Ryan for so long, Qin Jing was unconscious.
"You are probably wondering when I will control your body." After Qin Jingfa controlled his body, Ryan stopped looking at him and said, "You should think so. I never worry that you will escape from me? Or why would I be so relieved to put the soul bead on you? "
Ryan looked up Qin Jing’s eyes and saw his mocking smile, "because I knew from the beginning that you couldn’t escape from my palm."
Hearing these words, Qin Jing’s eyes were still.
Ryan appeared in Qin Jing’s mind in the funeral parlour wearing a suit. He laughed coldly and mocked as if he were biting off more than he could chew.
"Because I planted a seed on you from the beginning," Ryan put away his smiling face. "Your strength has grown too fast. If I give you another period of time to integrate the new force, I will have to do something to kill you. I will harvest my fruit before I decide …"
Qin Jing heart a cool if he looked down at the dripping with his own blood Bi slowly moved to his heart.
Before Ryan’s voice completely dissipated, he had already touched Qin Jing’s skin, and his cold touch and heart made Qin Jing shrink suddenly.
Fear and panic
This is not the first time Qin Jing has met a deadly threat, but it is the first time that Qin Jing has not even moved a minute when facing a deadly threat.
Stop …
Qin Jing’s ability to move forward is divided in front of him. He feels that he can do all this if he moves a little, but he can’t even move.
Stop …
Qin Jing couldn’t hear anything. He felt his heart beating like thunder pouring into his ears, into his mind and into every consciousness.
It’s moving.
Stop …
Stop it!
Qin Jing kept staring at the tip of the Bi. He lowered his head. No one saw him. The three gouyu in sharingan began to rotate wildly, and gradually seemed to be connected in a line …
At that moment, the golden flame of his body suddenly jumped up to a height of more than one person and began to spray like a silent volcano.
Ryan suddenly frowned. He had a bad feeling in his heart, as if there were some unknown variables unexpected.
His eyes were frozen, Qin Jing’s body flame poured into Qin Jing’s eyes in a flash, and the vortex of gas and energy formed in front of Qin Jing as if it were to be filled with something.
Those eyes …
Stopped hands and feet feeling back to Qin Jing heart Bi stopped, he looked up at Ryan’s bloody pupil inexplicably flashing golden light.
Haven’t evolved … I don’t know what Ryan was relieved to see Qin Jing or the pupil of Sangouyu. Although the strength of those eyes has been turned upside down, it hasn’t evolved yet …
Victory will still be me!
Ryan held out his hand and a diamond-shaped light visible to the naked eye crashed into Qin Jing
Seeing that A position Qin Jing can flash to the side, but he suddenly froze, because of the sense of disobedience between his hands and feet, he could not move immediately at this moment!
Qin Jing gave a miserable smile. I didn’t expect to lose at the last minute.
"Don’t give up" a cold familiar voice came to Qin Jing’s ear at this juncture.
Qin Jing turned and saw a thin figure flicker to Qin Jing and A position. She held the spear of fate, and the corner of her eye flashed with lavender brilliance inexplicably, and then a twisted right hand actually smashed A position.
You came after all …
Chapter 20 Decisive Battle (3)
Look at the familiar face in front of you, don’t hold the spear of fate behind you and keep shaking. The right hand shows that Zhao Ying doesn’t meet Ryan A’s position as easily as it looks.
Qin Jing couldn’t help smiling bitterly. "You shouldn’t have come."
"I said we could help." Zhao Ying didn’t look back. She looked at the sound ahead and remained calm, but I don’t know what Qin Jing felt as if she was angry at the moment.
"That’s not the problem. This is my personal matter …"
"You have saved us so many times and brought the Zhongzhou team to where we are today. Can’t we even help you once?"
It’s Zhan Lanyin.
Qin Jing didn’t look back and knew Zhanlan was behind him, but his wry smile deepened.
Did I save you?
Actually, that’s not the case …
I’m not as good as you think …
If I hadn’t intervened, how could you meet an alien who was once again strengthened to be irresistible by the Lord God? How did you come across a mutant virus? Make such a powerful death Ryan?
It was me who brought you into danger!
And if I hadn’t planted a shadow in Jason’s heart before, how could I shake his determination to live? How could Chu Xuan have died of the virus so easily if I hadn’t been afraid that he knew too much about me?