Bao Shi turned to look at the man at the door. "This …"
"He’s a student I just admitted named Li Erzhu," Pei Fengping said with a smile. "This time, I want to tell you that everything is important. He broke in other people at the door."
Bao Shi looked at Li Erzhu and looked at Pei Fengping seriously. "Pei’s adult spirit seems to be better than before, and I haven’t heard that Pei’s adult has accepted students for many years."
In the early years, there were many famous students in Pei Fengping, and some of them were now officials in the DPRK, but from a certain year, Pei Fengping suddenly stopped accepting students. Although the news was not accurate at the beginning, there was no news of Pei Fengping accepting students for many years.
Bao Shi can probably understand the reason why Pei Fengping didn’t accept students, so he is more curious about the reason why Pei Fengping suddenly received students again.
Pei Fengping smiled. "He is not a formal student, but he just follows me to learn some classics. He doesn’t need to learn too many literati things as a soldier."
The words flashed in Bao’s eyes as soon as they fell. He knew before that Li Erzhu didn’t look like a scholar, but when things came out from Pei Fengping’s mouth, he was still unbelievable. More importantly, Pei Fengping said that he was a "soldier."
"Pei’s adult is back in court …?" Bao Shi asked in a low voice with some complicated emotions.
It is definitely impossible to accept a soldier student at will, especially Pei Fengping’s identity, and it is even more impossible to casually contact with soldiers unless that person is holding Pei Fengping now.
Pei Fengping also knows that he guessed that he didn’t sell it. "Has Lord Bao ever heard of’ gods’?"
Bao was stunned. "God?"
"Bao’s adult has something to say. Even if Pei doesn’t say it, Bao’s adult can guess this time. Pei mainly wants to ask if Bao’s adult is interested in the past." Pei Fengping said and looked at the field outside the door. "It’s a pity that Bao’s adult ability is in farming. It’s better to start somewhere else."
It is no fool that Bao Shi can walk to the position of assistant minister of punishments. Pei Fengping fully understood the meaning in just a few words.
The news of the gods is getting worse and worse these days. He has naturally heard of it, and the gods are coming together, as well as the news of Linchun House and Guangqu House.
As we all know today, Linchun House and Guangqu House are occupied by a new force, saying that there are gods after this force is occupied.
Pei Fengping’s "spirit" can completely understand instead of him, which is also the reason for his shock.
Bao Shi lost a lot again, which was even longer than when he met Pei Fengping. He needed to consume the meaning of these words when he needed it, and he also needed to give Pei Fengping an answer.
Finally, Bao Shi regained his spirit and looked at Pei Fengping. "Pei’s adult chooses’ gods’"
Pei Fengping smiled. "Because nursery rhymes are all true and the truth is better than nursery rhymes, Pei is old and hopes to see Tiantaiping people in his lifetime. Pei believes that there is no better choice than the gods."
Chapter three hundred and sixteen Very embarrassed
"Pei’s adult, if I go with you to my family and the villagers …"
Bao Shi has always admired Pei Fengping, and now he is convinced of what Pei Fengping said. He also knows that the "gods" in Pei Fengping’s mouth must be a good place to make him change his mind.
But god city again good, also is left the court after all.
Although he used to be an assistant minister of punishments, he has resigned for many years, but if the court comes to check on him, it will surely be found out. If the court knows that he has gone to the city of gods, it will even bring trouble to his family and villagers here.
For Bao sometimes, if he has the opportunity to fulfill his ambition, it can really make him pursue it all his life, but at the same time, he can’t help caring for others. If he can’t even protect others, even if he completes his ambition, it seems that he has lost his meaning.
Pei Fengping had the same idea as Bao Shi, and once he quickly understood the reason for Bao Shi’s hesitation with the court official. He said with a smile, "If Mr. Bao is willing, he will naturally go with his family and the people here."
Bao suddenly looked up. "Really? So many people can go together? "
"Naturally," Pei Fengping nodded. "Actually, even if Bao’s adult doesn’t want to work hard, Pei wants to go with Bao’s adult. Now the court is in chaos. After the news of the city, the court will definitely recruit again, which may affect Pei’s willingness to guarantee his personality here."
"What Pei’s adult said naturally won’t be false." Bao got up and took a step back and bowed deeply at Pei Fengping. "Thank you for your willingness to give an open hand. After that, the official will follow Pei’s adult’s lead."
As soon as this statement came out, everyone present understood what he meant.
Mrs. Bao got up and looked at them. "I’ll pack my things," they whispered.
"Pei’s adult officials are still in town, even if they need some officials to go to town to take them home and then Pei’s adult will go to the city of gods together," Bao said.
Pei Fengping nodded and looked up at Li Erzhu, who was guarding the door. Li Erzhu just turned around and said directly, "You must be careful to protect Bao’s adult when you go with Bao’s adult."
"White" Li Erzhu handed over "Bao’s adult, let’s go by carriage. If Bao’s adult wants, we can take our two families and relatives together to go to the city of gods."
"Can you? So exciting will not attract attention? " Bao Shi was moved in his heart, but he still couldn’t believe he could do it again.
"Naturally, we don’t take the original road. From here to the west, there is a mountain forest. It takes us two days to reach Ningji House through the mountain forest. Now the court has always sent people to the city of gods to listen for news, and there is no time to take care of these small things. When they react, we have all moved away." Li Erzhu said casually
What he said is indeed true, but it was not his own perception, but Pei Fengping deliberately analyzed it when he came.
Pei Fengping also made sufficient preparations when he came to Bao personally, including the general situation here and the possibility of their being discovered. He predicted that he would find the most suitable road for them at present and would not attract too many people’s attention when going back and forth.
Li Erzhu talked with Bao Shi and took him in a carriage to drive all the way to town.
Bao Shi used to be an identity. If he had not resigned, he would have a good status even if he retired at this time, and his grandson would naturally get a good life
Up to now, Mr. and Mrs. Bao are working in the village. Although their two children are in town, they are also beating people up and doing trivial things to make ends meet.
It’s not that they have no education. It’s that Bao Shi’s situation is too special. If he and his son go to the DPRK, I’m afraid they won’t even get the most basic fairness, which may bring some harm to them because of him.
On the way, Bao Shi couldn’t help sitting outside the carriage and talking to Li Erzhu.
"I’m sorry for them. If I can do better, maybe they will be more comfortable every day. Now I’m fine. Now I can repay the harm I did to them in the past."
Li Erzhu pulled the reins and the carriage was not fast. "Does Lord Bao want to hear the truth or a lie?"
Bao Shi sees him as "naturally telling the truth"
Li Erzhu pulled the reins tighter. "My parents didn’t know what it was like to be sheltered by my parents since I was a child, but I still love them very much. If it weren’t for them, there would be no day for me. So would my parents. If it weren’t for my parents, they would have suffered from poverty since childhood, instead of bearing it until now. They have gained a lot. Compared with ordinary people, their lives are also very good now, and these are what Mr. Bao once managed, because without Mr. Bao, they could not learn."
Bao Shi was silent.