However, Cordia seems to turn a blind eye to the’ lumberjack’ provocation, and still listens to the referee explaining the rules of the game with an expression on his face. A champion like him has already experienced many battles of life and death, and it is impossible to lose to the other side before the game is officially held.
After the tall referee explained the precautions, Cordia’ loggers’ retreated to the corner of the boxing ring, and the game was officially started with the referee’s gesture of "dang"
In a fight, both Cordia and the’ lumberjack’ are very cautious. Both of them have sufficient experience. Instead of attacking immediately, they slowly wandered around the ring. It is clear to Zhou Yi that they are both looking for flaws in each other.
The two men confronted the’ lumberjack’ with a right fist in front of his right leg and Cordia with a left fist in front of his left leg.
Zhouyi knows that it is difficult for anti-fighter to deal with many master killers in Thailand because of their different attack routes.
The two men wandered for a while, and the "lumberjack" suddenly attacked. He kept punching and attacking Cordia’s head, but the strength was not great. Cordia defended and dodged well, and the head and body shook flexibly, which made the "lumberjack" attack the tribe.
Of course, Cordia didn’t just defend him, but from time to time, he swept his legs and kicked the’ lumberjack’ plate to interfere with his attack. The two of them have been tepid.
"’Loggers’ fight! "
"Cordia attack!"
Slowly, some people in the audience shouted, and they came here to bet on boxing. Of course, they hoped their boxer would win!
The atmosphere is getting higher and higher. Cordia and the’ lumberjack’ seem to be infected by the audience atmosphere, and their attacks are getting fiercer and fiercer!
With a crisp sound, Cordia kicked the lumberjack’s arm vigorously, and the fight between them officially entered a white-hot formal fight.
The’ lumberjack’ ate a sweeping kick from Cordia, slapped his chest savagely, screamed a few times, and then pushed Cordia to the ring with his fist, and made a stormy attack on Cordia.
Cordia leaned back against the iron cage and the wire only covered his head, but he still got a lot of punches from the lumberjack in the abdomen and ribs. But the lumberjack attacked for a long time, but he couldn’t knock Cordia down. Many people in the hall shouted "Kill him! Kill him!"
The atmosphere immediately rose, shouting and shouting. It turned out that these so-called stratum people did not always maintain their usual gentlemanly demeanor and tolerance when releasing pressure and gambling.
"I’m going to get my blood back this time. I heard that the Thai boxer was brave when he played black boxing, and he was not afraid of death. The Thai boxing champion Cordia would also be great. I paid 500 thousand for it. He didn’t expect that the Thai guy was beaten by the Brazilian’ lumberjack’ and he didn’t fight back. I was really unlucky."
Some people shouted that they were betting on boxers, while others talked about it. Zhouyi and Jing Ge heard a young man sitting next to him say to his companion sadly that he regretted his wrong bet.
"Now it’s too early for you to say that you lost. You just bought the Thai guy 500 thousand, but I bought him two million to win." Young male companion said that although he said this, his head was sweating, and he was also worried that he had bet the wrong boxer and lost the two million.
"Jing Ge, who will win this game?" Zhou Yi asked Jing Ge after listening to two notes.
"I’m better at this’ lumberjack’, who has a strong attack power. I guess Kodia, a Thai guy, won’t be able to carry it for long." Jing Ge thought about it and said.
"You all think that the muay Thai fighter will lose, but I don’t think this Cotillard seems not to be so easy to lose." Zhou Yixiao laughed. "Cotillard consumes the lumberjack’s physical strength by relying on his own strong fighting ability. Although he has punched a lot of lumberjacks, he hasn’t been hit hard and lost his fighting capacity. Chapter 87 Lumberjack should still have a chance to turn over.
"Eldest brother, I still don’t believe this Thai guy can defeat []" Jing Ge said.
"Then let’s wait for the result of the game." Zhouyi laughed.
"Miss Yang came to us and bet on the wrong person. This Thai guy is going to lose." At this time, a big man next to the mysterious black woman in the front row said with regret.
"I’m not sure this Thai will win ten times," said the mysterious woman in black. She came to the boxing ring with four or five big men and bet one million yuan on the Thai boxer Cordia to win. At this time, she was watching Cordia compete with the’ lumberjack’ with great interest.
As soon as Zhouyi entered this hall, he noticed that this mysterious woman, Zhouyi Cotillard, was still listening to her when she was competing with the lumberjack. Just now, the mysterious woman in black talked with her hand, and the expression and manner were all heard by Zhouyi’s eyes, but Jing Ge didn’t have the ear power. Although he saw this mysterious woman talking to a Han around him, he couldn’t hear what the woman said.
"This woman is not simple. She has the same vision as me. She thinks that this Thai boxer will win." Zhou Yi said to Jing Ge, "This woman is definitely not weak in martial arts."
"Boss, it’s amazing that you can hear her talk in the hall so far away." Jing Ge said to Zhouyi, of course, he didn’t kiss up, but from the heart because Zhouyi’s listening is too strong
"Let’s just keep playing and pay attention to this woman’s movements." Zhouyi said.
At this moment, the game has entered a white-hot stage.’ Lumberjack’ continuously attacked Cotillard for three or four minutes, but Cotillard still didn’t fall after several punches. At this time, Zhouyi was secretly surprised because this Cotillard’s ability to fight was really strong, comparable to Jing Ge’s abnormal condition.
The lumberjack’s continuous stormy attack naturally consumes a lot of physical strength. After all, he is a master of his family, not a master of his family. Such a high-intensity attack makes his speed slow down.
"Loggers fail."
Zhou Yi thought to himself that he knew that Cotillard’s goal of consuming the lumberjack’s physical strength had been achieved, and that he should soon launch a Jedi counterattack to defeat the lumberjack in one fell swoop.
Otherwise, Cordia has been on the defensive while the attack speed of the’ lumberjack’ slowed down by a gap. He suddenly launched a counterattack and slammed his knee into the chest of the’ lumberjack’.
Muay Thai knee is very powerful. Cordia’s high knee is ready to go. Naturally, it is very powerful. The lumberjack quickly stepped back to hide from Cordia and seized this opportunity. The lumberjack stepped back and quickly followed up. As soon as he got out of the passive situation of being crushed by the hexagonal iron cage, the iron wire in the boxing ring.
Get rid of the passive situation. Cordia twisted her neck and waved her arm. She went out to counterattack the lumberjack. Not to be outdone, she also jumped at it. At this time, there was no fancy in the fight between the two men. But Cordia’s speed and strength were better. Slowly, the situation was reversed and the wind prevailed.
After playing for about three minutes, Cordia suddenly kicked a high position to the lumberjack’s head, which caused the lumberjack’s head to be badly hurt. He was delayed for nearly a second, and the lumberjack completely lost the game at this second.
Cotillard quickly followed up with the previous one and punched the lumberjack. Then Cotillard hit the lumberjack in the ribs with another knee.