Did you realize that you were trying to make a move just now?
Ruhara Zhuo also accepted brainwashing. He learned from Belmore that telling himself specially was also a warning to let himself not hold grudges against the past.
I warned myself, but it also said that I am not as good as Ramos in the eyes of the organization.
However, there is a certain gap between light and time.
At the beginning, Ruhara Zhuo also gave him that document, and there are some things in it that he has not yet touched enough to see how much gap there is.
During this time, he should have got a lot of information from organizations, right?
No, you can’t worry. An Shi Tong is holding back his heart, and the longer he waits, the greater the chance of getting important information.
Take people back and try their best to get them back to normal, so they can easily get information, which is a major victory for them.
So he can’t worry. In case something happens in the middle, it will become a one-time opportunity.
An Shi Tou’s sight is very obvious, and Zhuo Yuan naturally feels it, but he doesn’t want to take care of it now.
Besides, mobile phone information is not important.
Soon he heard the phone "ding"-he came to his senses and looked at the past.
It’s where tequila sent it.
Fingers on the back of the phone gently tapping the best original zhuo also eyes with dignified and complicated.
Zhu fujingguang …
Let me see what you will do.
Although I don’t know exactly what Ramos meant, tequila didn’t ask much. Anyway, it wasn’t him who handled the matter. He sent the news to Scotland according to the meaning of Takuhara.
The original one who casually dealt with a person caused tequila meditation. He looked at the information left and right. Isn’t this person doing something’ good’ and he couldn’t see anything?
He still doesn’t want to get involved in this matter. He always thinks that Scotland has offended Ramos somewhere.
This man shouldn’t be killed?
What you call Scotland to kill, and then you kill him, and then you come after him.
Well, forgive him for not having such a smart brain. It’s winding
So Scotland can understand whether this man should be killed or not?
Yeah, what are these people thinking?
Tequila thinks its head is big
At this time, after reading the large piece of information, Zhu Jingguang looked at the news from agave with a heart warning.
Scotland, you have to think about whether this man should kill me or not. I always feel that Ramos is not that simple.
Because after all, it was a short-lived teammate tequila or a symbolic bite.
He has a good impression of Scotland.
I know I’ll pay attention. Thank you, Tequila.
After sending the message, Zhu Jingguang closed his eyes and thought of something, and his face began to turn pale slowly. He bit his lip tightly to stop uncontrollable trembling and fear, which was ugly.
It’s a memory
When he was a child, he saw his parents die, and his bad memories were separated from his brother. He was lonely because of fear and suffered from aphasia, and then he got better after he met them. The police academy recalled the undead criminals and became undercover in the organization, and all kinds of experiences led to his death.
It was Zhu Fujingguang’s life.
He once spent his whole life
Is also accepted by him for a lifetime.
Brother …
And …
He probably drew strength from these two people, and his already pale face began to recover bit by bit. His ugly face just now seemed to have never appeared.
ZhuFuJingGuang this just opened his eyes again fundus dark together.
-best original Zhuo also!
Chapter 159 Before regression wave ()
"Bo, is there?"
After receiving the address, Maehara Zhuo also thought that it would be a little troublesome for him to pick up the car now, and there was a ready-made tool man around him, which was not white or not.