But I think he got a knife in bing, and this time he has been stabbed several months.
Really not bad.
On the same day, I will seal the Hou.
Lv Kuangyuan stopped her and said that there was no precedent for military commanders to be rewarded like this since ancient times. Li Lingyu sent him a letter without words, saying, "When I came back from the northern border, he said that his lifelong wish was to kill the Turks’ lair so that the people in the northern border could live safely, but no military commander had ever done this before."
Lv Kuangyuan knows that she is selfish, but Yan Bainian’s contribution is really great.
He can’t stop it.
Li Lingyu also didn’t explain that this was the first time she had been awarded a prize since she was a regent, and it was a marquis.
To the surprise of Manchuria, she wrote it.
Cai Quan came into the palace to announce her at dusk.
Said the saint wanted to see her.
At that time, she was still negotiating with Cao Yin, Lv Kuangyuan and six people to open a port in Qingzhou and stop in Jiaozhou all the way south …
Cai Quan came in to see all the adults here, so he saluted quickly. Li Lingyu knew that Xiao Yong couldn’t help it. He always wanted to discuss it with her in Zhonghe Temple.
Li Lingyu said, "Cai Zhen, you brought the governor Cai to the temple, and so on. I’ll discuss these things with you adults."
It’s a discussion, but most people don’t agree
Many people think that it is a waste of people and money to open Hong Kong.
Li Lingyu, however, is bound to win.
When the capital business district is opened, they will know how the money came. At the end of the year, her main task is to set up the business district.
It is said that the adults did not dare to let the saints wait for Lv Kuangyuan, so they urged to say, "Let’s discuss it another day if there is something in the temple." After that, it was quite meaningful to look at her.
She knew what Lv Kuangyuan meant.
Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. First, the old minister is good because they know that there is nothing wrong with the old rules and regulations. A strong man always loves to innovate and can innovate. She can’t afford to do experiments with human life. There is nothing wrong with it.
Secondly, it is not good for the old ministers that their ideas are too right. They want to control the young emperors to do things according to their wishes too much.
There is always such a break-in between the monarch and the minister.
Follow Cai Quan to Bei Gong Road Cai Quan said softly, "The saint is ill these days."
Li Lingyu asked calmly, "Where’s Master Su?"
Cai Quan looked at her and said, "Sue’s adult has gone to Beimangshan and won’t come back."
Li Lingyu didn’t ask the saint if he was so ill that he followed Cai Quan quietly.
Cai Quan went on to say, "The saints in the north are also worried that they will not rest for a long time without them …"
Li Lingyu is still silent.
When I entered Bei Gong, I felt that it was not as lively as before, and I couldn’t say it was bleak.
Jing is still the same person or those people, but it’s just different.
Xiao Yong is not in Zichen Temple. Sitting in Xuanwu Temple in a cassock, Li Lingyu saw that he looked sallow and looked really ill.
When he saw Li Lingyu, he asked, "How is the north?"
Li Lingyu heard her will to seal Hou.
"Yan Pingjun’s young exploits were brilliant, and he killed the champion Hou, the king of Turkey, outside Sizhou."
Bei Gong knows the battle report these days.
Only Li Lingyu didn’t say anything about it, so she just talked to Xiao Yong about it.
Xiao Yong a pair of sharp eyes staring at her for a long time without big move.
Li Lingyu said to himself, "It will be even more difficult and inspiring to seal his championship without paying attention to the lack of morale in the north."
At the end of the day, killing an army will be a great contribution. Xiao Yong used personal expedition to know more about it.
Don’t talk for a while.
Li Lingyu thought he probably wanted to ask about inheriting the great things.
It’s inspiring when the will of Hou Feng goes out into the wild.
Li Lingyu also don’t ask Xiao Yong to find her Cai Quan see two people care about words and some ".