They are a burst of alarm.
There are hundreds of millions of people in SHEN WOO Xianfu who can enter the virtual world.
It’s terrible that Mu Cai should be in the top 500.
The most important thing is that he reached such a height in decades.
I’m afraid that in a few hundred years, the top spot in SHEN WOO Xianfu will change hands.
Compliments keep coming.
Pastoral thousand always kept a cool smile as if he didn’t care about the hollow reputation.
However, in the crowd, a thin young man lowered his head and turned a blind eye to the surrounding scene.
"Qi, what are you looking at?"
Someone noticed him.
Richie looked up and said, "Oh, I’m also looking at the list of gods."
"There is a person who is very strange!"
Then he enlarged the list and a name appeared in front of everyone.
Ye Feng has 1.22 million immortals and 143,960 stones.
"What’s so strange about this?"
"Isn’t it just a 40 thousand foreigner?"
They shook their heads and said
"No, no, no"
Richie said with a hint of shock on his face, "When I first saw him, I was only over 300,000 yuan."
"But after drinking a cup of tea, he has more than one million!"
"and it is still increasing!"
Richie said and they suddenly froze. Even Mucai was surprised.
There are many millions of people in the realm of SHEN WOO Xianfu in the virtual world.
But it’s really unusual to spend a million dollars on a cup of tea.
"Are you wrong?"
Some people don’t believe that there is such a person in SHEN WOO Fairy House.
However, just as his voice just fell, the amount of leaves in front of him suddenly soared by more than one million again.
Everyone’s eyes widened.
"Welcome to our Nine Realms Fairy Material again"
A sweet-looking beauty smiled at Ye Feng and said
Because just now, this man directly moved the fairy fruit, lingzhi, fairy medicine and other natural materials and treasures in their shop.
Throw more than one million immortals.
Moreover, the distance between the two sides is far across more than a dozen fairy houses.
This kind of grandfather is rare in a hundred years.
"Let’s talk about it when you stock up."
Leaves with the wind and stretched out his hand and threw the female virtual shadow into the corner.
"All the fairy treasures are in the virtual world?"
He chose a shop and talked to Peng Cheng next to him.
At this time, Peng Cheng has come over with his virtual shadow. Look at his face, he is an honest and honest middle-aged man.
But it’s hard to say whether this is his true face.
"So to speak"
Peng Cheng said, "Occasionally, there will be a few extremely fairy pieces on the floor, but the basics are the worst, and the average monk has hope to buy them."
"And it can stimulate people to get rid of their desires to a certain extent."
The leaves are gone with the wind.
He is not interested in business doorways.
Just know where to buy what you want.
Then he found a good shop and ordered it.
The things in this shop are quite good, but they are miscellaneous and have everything.
So this time he moved half the shop.
"Then how can we enter the virtual world?"
Ye asked with the wind.
"When the financial resources reach the standard, then we can invite them."
Peng Cheng laughed. "You took out that extremely fairy sword and it was enough to prove your financial resources."
"Tiantong has prepared a special artifact for you, through which you can directly enter the floor."
"I’ll be around to answer your questions."
"Of course, if you don’t like my big face, Tiantong also has a special training girl."
Ye said with the wind, "No, you can."
"I’ll ask you one more question, is the virtual boundary layer integrated into the law? Any law will do."
Peng Cheng was suddenly surprised at this.