I rushed out of the gate of the stadium, and a bodyguard in my mind followed me and stabbed me in the back.
I jumped two feet high and threw a dry circle and a mixed day silk and waved a sword at the same time.
I know that whether these six bodyguards can take me back with their failure to protect their master is actually their best result.
And I’m going to cut off six samurai whose spiritual level is higher than my samurai’s.
The first bodyguard should fall. At this time, the second and third bodyguards have been waiting for me to cut the second person with firm but gentle, and the remaining three people rushed out and immediately surrounded me.
I have been injured several times in the fight, and almost all the other people are injured, but behind them, two families are rushing to hear the news, and I rushed out of their encirclement.
Am I really going to break this place today? And once I am captured alive, I don’t know how cruel I will be.
Suddenly, a bright light shone around me, and it was all white. After experiencing this scene again, I felt a surge of joy in my heart.
It is becoming clear that this time I am in a beautiful garden. Is this the first time I entered the big garden that Gao Tianyuan saw?
I took two steps forward, and as a result, my legs were soft and I sat down on the ground. I looked down and realized that my bare legs were covered with dark red scars, all of which were injured by firm but gentle shock. The long-sleeved clothes were also damaged in many places, and the sleeves and arms were covered with scars.
The bottom is soft, but it’s really grass. Is this really in heaven?
I looked around, this time there was no angel, but it was always impolite to sit on the ground like this, so I got up and staggered forward.
Through a white arch and a delicate bridge, in a cherry tree, I finally saw a halo goddess of the sun, who was leaning in a wide chair.
So I leaned down to salute the "goddess"
Her eyes moved to me. "Nezha, you’re here!" She looked at me. "Are you hurt so much?"
I smiled. "I was being chased by someone before you summoned me. If I stay a few minutes later, I will become a corpse."
"Is it really so dangerous?" The goddess didn’t care "come and let me have a look"
She reached out her finger and touched my hand, and suddenly she felt a strange feeling all over her skin. The scars disappeared and the pain stopped.
"Come and sit down." She asked me to sit opposite her. "Tell me about your master Taiyi!"
She asked me what my master did. Is it possible that they have any other origins, but I can say that it is very limited. When I was two years old, my master spent three days together, and the rest of them were in my dreams, which I remembered earlier.
The goddess listened to my sketchy story and was fascinated. When I finished, she hesitated for a long time and quietly took a letter from the next table and handed it to me. "Look!"
I took the letter and it was actually written by the master, and there were only a few words in it: "Nezha lovers please return to business before the month."
But how can this letter be in the hands of the goddess of the sun?
The goddess of the sun saw my puzzled eyes and lit up her lips. "Someone intercepted this letter and it came to me seven days ago. I should have given it to you at that time, but I think even if you received this letter at that time, it was reassuring and it is not too late to give it to you now."
"Are you homesick?" She asked
I nodded "think"
"Then go back as soon as possible!" She got up from her seat and I quickly followed her.
"Do you want to go back to Yamato City?" She asked
I immediately shook my head like a rattle. "They are waiting to kill me! But the goddess, do you really watch them be foolish? "
The goddess looked at me. "Nezha Yamato is my grandson, but my influence has never exceeded the scope of Gaotianyuan. Fusang is not my territory. In fact, I rescued you from the disorderly army and intervened in Fusang’s affairs."
16 Li Fusang
The goddess went on to say, "I think you can take refuge in the Hailong Guild Hall for a while and find an appropriate opportunity to return to the big business in Miyata Stream. I think the Lord will make a decision eventually."
The goddess took a few steps forward and suddenly turned around. "Nezha, did your master ever tell him that he had been to Fusang?"
I nodded. "The master once played, but he only saw a description of the future of the first world war in Fusang and was deeply worried about it."
The goddess looked disappointed. "I know your master. He has been to many places and has been here more than once."
After pondering for a moment, she went on to say, "I have known your master for more than a thousand years, but I haven’t heard from him in the last two hundred years until I read your letter."
"Nezha, after you return to Dashang, please tell your master that Gao Tianyuan’s door will always be open to him. When can he come to visit? If he thinks it’s too high here, I can go to Yingzhou to meet him."
Speaking of which, the goddess’ white face, which was shrouded in golden light, actually produced a blush.
This remark almost surprised me. I am the general teacher of the mountain village, the goddess of the sun … I quickly let myself dispel that evil association.
"Goddess, don’t worry, I will tell the master."
The goddess raised her hand and I saw something suddenly come out of her hand.
"This is a gift from Whale Dragon Palace. I think it’s more related to you. I’d better give it to you!"
I’ll take a look. Isn’t this the snake dragon tendon? These whales and sea dragons really know how to do things.
"Thank you, Goddess!" I quickly thanked him.
"And" the goddess looked at me "Nezha, don’t you like to wear skirts? Although your legs are beautiful, there is no need to show them in front of people all the time! "
My face turned red.
For a moment, I was already in the familiar courtyard of the Hailong Club. I walked into Aozhen’s hospital and immediately saw Aozhen limping out in a tube top dress.
When Aozhen saw me, she grabbed me in her arms and spoke with tears. "Nezha was so worried about me when she saw your letter!"
"Aozhen" I cried loudly. "Kwai died a terrible death, do you know?"
AoZhen also cried "I know, but how can you be so reckless? Why not wait for us to come back and help you! "
After crying, I found that Aobing was not there, so I asked Aozhen, "Where’s your brother?"
Aozhen replied, "We just came back and found your letter. After reading it, my brother immediately flew to Yamato to meet you. Now that you have left safely, I think he will come back soon."
When I asked about Aozhen’s injury, she suddenly frowned. "The situation is not very good. This time I returned to Hailong Palace and found new problems. The doctor said that I was too badly injured at that time, and now I can completely cut off the joint if I want to cure it."
"In that case, it won’t take twenty years, but forty years to grow up, and then I have to cut off half my ass and I can’t sit."
"Ah?" I was taken aback. "How did this happen?"
Aozhen then said, "If I want to cut, I have to go back to the East China Sea. How can I get back if I cut here?"
After more than half an hour, Aobing hurried back, and his nervous expression relaxed after seeing that I was safe.
He listened to me and told me a detailed story. Then he said, "When I went to Yamato College, you were called by Gao Tianyuan. Both families have withdrawn from the college, and Miyata and Matsuji’s bodies have also been transported away by two families."
"This matter has alarmed the Lord, but the court of Yamato has not moved or reached an order to arrest you yet, but I think you’d better not go back."
I said, "I didn’t want to go back when I came. I left nothing there and I don’t want to set foot on Fusang Island again."
"That’s good," said Ao Bing. "Although Hehai Dragon Guild Hall has extraterritoriality, it’s still in Fusang land. I’m going to send Aozhen back to the East China Sea as soon as possible. So today, we will take Hehai Dragon Boat to Tsushima Island, the boundary of the Three Seas, where we will transfer to the East China Sea Dragon Boat to go back."
Aobing said that he immediately contacted Hailong Palace, but it was not until the night and the sea dragon boat came late.
Aobing and I moved our luggage to the dragon boat. Aozhen deeply regrets that Fafa said goodbye to the teachers and students of Chuyu College. If she had to cut off her right leg when she went back, it would be a long time before she would leave the East China Sea and visit Japan again in 40 years.
And I tasted it. Isn’t it?
We didn’t delay the dragon boat crossing the Fusang Island Strait in the night, and we didn’t encounter any obstacles because we had been sneaking all the way.
In the early morning, we arrived at Duima, the largest outlying island in Fusang, Sanhan, which is obviously more developed and prosperous than Yingzhou and Zuodu. There are not only three dragon clubs in Hehai, Pinghai and Whale Sea, but also chambers of commerce in Sanhan and Fusang.
However, in the past few years, the three dragon halls have been abandoned, because the war with haijing Hailong was carried out in the straits on both sides of the island many years ago. When we came to Fusang last year, we didn’t stop here until this year when the two sides shook hands and made peace.
We didn’t live in the Hailong Club anymore, but in the Pinghai Dragon Club. According to the agreement, the East China Sea Dragon Boat will come to Aobing’s fiancee Pinghai Er Princess two days later.