VIP93, is this going to piss her off?
Back to Ning Wangfu, Shu Lele spent two hours burning the midnight oil to teach Ziziphus jujuba.
Fortunately, Ziziphus jujuba has finally grasped its essence after a while in the fog.
Ziziphus jujuba, holding her voice, came a piece of jade, and it was a vivid performance.
Shu Lele praised, "Ziziphus jujuba, if our super girl program is successful, you will make great contributions, and then you will be given this bead training!"
"Ah?" Ziziphus jujuba is dizzy. Let her train Huazhu?
"Miss, I want to stay with you and wait on you. When can you play with Huazhu?"
Shu Lele pouted, "Since I call you a teacher, I naturally have a way to leave early and return late from Sunday!"
"This is all right!"
It’s best to sleep at night. Lele is afraid of the heat and is not around, so she wears homemade shorts and has no image. She puts a big font on the couch.
I was sleeping soundly as if I were shuttling through the fruit garden, looking at the red fruits everywhere, sending out a charming fragrance. Shu Lele couldn’t help but hug a fruit and bite it hard.
"ouch!" A scream woke Shu Lele from a dream.
What the fuck?
Shu Lele’s mind was still confused. It was Xiaobai who crawled in the middle of the night/when the bed came, he took a photo. "Xiaobai, I have warned you not to disturb people’s dreams again. Don’t blame me for being so cheeky!"
That slap was literally taken on a soft thing.
"ouch!" Another scream.
….. why is this sound so human?
Shu Lele, a tingling person, woke up and raised his voice and shouted, "Somebody has an assassin! Come … "
But before the words were finished, her mouth was blocked by a foreign body, and a familiar smell quickly spread in the gasp.
It’s especially Ning Yichen!
Shu Lele’s fear dissipated and replaced by anger.
Her hands are dancing and her mouth is whining. Ning Yichen is not such a bully as you. Your third child is pregnant and can’t wait on you. Do you take me as a substitute?
Holy shit! Go to hell!
Shu Lele tooth dint ruthlessly bite to a bloody gas immediately spread out in the mouth.
Can NingYiChen incredibly don’t call him intoxicated with continued doesn’t seem to be Shu Lele chest oxygen drain, he won’t stop.
Finally, I was breathless in a whirlwind, and Shule was successfully kissed again …
When she woke up the next day, she was naturally disheveled and eaten by someone.
Shu Lele, that’s a complaint! I hate it!
She snapped her teeth at the edge of the bed and shouted Ziziphus jujuba, "From tonight on, don’t even let a fly in with me!"
Looking at Shu Lele’s disgruntled wife, Zizyphus jujube snickered, and I couldn’t help it!
She walked carefully and asked, "Miss, what happened last night? I thought I heard you shout in the middle of the night, and when I got up to look at it, nothing happened again. "
Shu Lele was angry and didn’t good the spirit tunnel. "Then you wouldn’t have pushed the door open and come in to see it. If I met a gangster, wouldn’t my reputation be ruined?"
"Then who was it last night?" Zizyphus jujube blinked in confusion and teased her.
"Hum! Who else but the big Uber! "
Shu Lele swore that last night was a great shame and that he would not swear in this life!
Poof ~ ~ ~ Miss is so cute when she is angry!
Ziziphus jujuba finally couldn’t help laughing. "Miss, please be considerate of Grandpa I. It’s pitiful that he lives alone in Jinxiu Garden."
What? Is he still pitiful? Holding on to the left and holding on to the right is pathetic even when you have children?
Shu Lele coldly looking at Ziziphus jujuba "Ziziphus jujuba, how many benefits did he give you? You are so energetic that he speaks well. Are you worthy of your lady and me? "
Do you make Ziziphus jujuba? If it annoys me, I’ll beat the mandarin duck and give you to the little gatekeeper to make you cry!
Ziziphus jujuba helped her forehead and quickly pointed to the sky to express her determination. "Miss, I have a heart for you, but the sun, the moon and the earth can be seen!" I’m sorry, miss. Ziziphus jujuba is also very angry with him, but the person I like best in my heart is miss you! "
"Ziziphus jujuba!" Shu Lele sulked that Xiao Ni really didn’t take her words to heart.
Zizyphus jujube son quickly shut up "good I don’t say! Miss, don’t be angry. Take a shower before eating, and then we will leave the house. Are you satisfied with this arrangement of Ziziphus jujuba? "
Shu Lele’s expression was relieved. After a bath, he washed away a whole body of sweat, but he couldn’t wash away the burnt marks.
Especially the neck. It’s so miserable that people can’t bear to look straight.
Shu Lele told Ziziphus jujuba to put a few thick layers of powder on her, which is light. If you don’t look closely, you won’t see it.
However, when she came to Youran’s first-class fragrant sweat, the trace showed its original shape.
Ziziphus jujuba secretly smiled and took the drama to find Huazhu.
Shuang stared at her for a long time before faintly asking, "Lele, were you harmed by man-made disasters again last night?"
Shu Lele is facing the bronze mirror, carefully wiping the residual powder on the neck to reveal a bright and clean jade skin, and then disguising the hickey as a birthmark.
She bit her silver teeth and said, "What a shame! Double, help me find a way. I have to get this debt back! "
"How to please? Kill him or castrate him? " Double cloud light wind lightly ask
"….." This is too hard?
Shu Lele found herself a complex now. She hated him terribly in her heart, but she didn’t mean to destroy him.